This might be the first time you’ve heard of us, but we assure you it won’t be the last.

2017 is swiftly shaping up to become a landmark year for us at Your Favourite Story. Formerly Digital Annexe, somewhat of a titan in the shadows, this is the year we took our new name and positioning to the World: creating digital experiences and launching new products. 

We’ve thrown ourselves into new challenges, a new limelight, and gained a spate of new clients in the process (More news on that later). For now, we bask in the computer-screen glow of joining the ranks of the UK’s Top 100 marketing, build, design, technical and creative agencies. Further, to be amongst the top 25 independent agencies in the land. 

As an indy agency, we’re able to tackle head-on the issues we’re passionate about: do we prioritise fame, fortune or social impact? Can we reflect, shape and challenge culture? Should we build everyone in the agency an AR pet? 

Foremost, of course, is the eternal, internal issue about whether we should get a toaster. Warring fractions on either side of the great crumb divide. In the midst of fighting this one out, we’re continuing to demonstrate that Independent agencies aren’t all brown bread. (Whilst eating our Ryvita) 

In the era of groups, networks, affiliates and other such agency colossalss, we’re proud to sit together as one 75-person agency in our top-floor warehouse-pad, overlooking Spitalfields (read: penthouse). Within our walls we kick code around, shoot film, design apps or digital platforms, develop interactive POS and plot the path to success for our dozen-plus clients. 

Our founder and CEO, Julian Mitchell, said: “I’m not trying to grow the largest agency (by revenue), I’m trying to grow the best agency by reputation and recommendation. By extension, to also be the best agency to work for.” 

If ever you’re in town and fancy popping in for a cup of tea*, or to have a play with our new-and-still-in-development interactive lab, then just drop us a line. Or, we could just build you an AR pet.

— Yours, YFS

*toast not included.

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