Technology and web is a fast moving, ever evolving industry.

Websites need to cater for different devices and think about the consumers of that information. That is where the design team comes into play, we have to concept and design for websites on mobile through to desktop, multi platform apps and retail store touch screens that require the same content on landscape and portrait views. Just like 99.9% of designers we do all of this using Adobe’s Creative Cloud.


For years Photoshop has been the go to tool for web design, mainly because there was no competition.

Released in Feb 1990, 27 years ago, Photoshop has been an important aspect of not only our industry but also graphic design, fashion, tv, film, product design. This list is endless.

Now there is a competitor snapping on Photoshop heals, will the industry giant adapt to this or keeping doing what it knows?



Sketch is a tool that you may or may not be aware of. The award winning tool was founded in 2008 and is  focussed purely on design, and is fast becoming the go to tool for UI & UX designers. Built from the ground up, it comprises of features geared towards modern day web & mobile designers.

It could seem quite disruptive making such a big change, having to learn a new piece of software and integrate it in to your workflow, but you would be surprised!

I trialled it on a couple of my projects and picked it up very quick. We then rolled out through the design team with great success. When speed, efficiency and above all quality are essential to our design process, you need software that reflects that. A workman is only as good as his tools as they say!

I’m not going to run through all the features of sketch but I have to mention a couple of other pieces of software it’s very well integrated in to.


Prototyping is essential when it comes to user testing, gaining quick feedback and refining your user journey before going full steam in to development. Sketch makes it very easy to sync your designs to invision and keep that prototype bang up to date with every iteration.



We are lucky enough to have our development team inhouse meaning they are only a few steps away. Zeplin has made handing over designs and assets to the developers even easier and more streamlined.

You might be reading this blog and wondering how our change in design tools affect you? Being the goliath in the industry and catering for a wide range of needs may not always give your audience the best results. Sometimes what you need is the David who’s is more focused and equipped for the job in hand. Here at Your Favourite Story we are experts at launching products so if you have a new product and need help with your digital presence then do not hesitate to get in touch!

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