The dust has barely settled on this year’s Digital Annexe University, and we couldn’t be happier with how the day went.

A big thank you to all the guests who came to learn about the next 5 years in digital, as well as the speakers who shared their expertise… And of course, the DA team who helped make it all happen.

If you missed out on the event (or just want a refresher), we’ve compiled some highlights on what we learnt about the next 5 years of digital from the speakers of the day below.

7 habits of highly effective digital marketers

Kicking off the day was DA’s own Managing Director, Sean Singleton who discussed the 7 habits of highly effective digital marketers. Sean’s top tips?

  1. Be strategic; think long-term, act real time
  2. Get the data right
  3. Make the user your top priority
  4. Move quicker; think and act like a startup
  5. Use video – the new content king
  6. Joined up marketing, don’t work in silos
  7. Create a testing and experimental culture

View Sean’s presentation here

The Convergence Economy

Peter Firth, a Global Senior Journalist from The Future Laboratory, explained the ideas behind The Convergence Economy. Peter’s handy advice encouraged us to:

  1. Be novel
  2. Go wide
  3. Think brand behaviour
  4. Engage the whole consumer
  5. Save consumers time

Design for the future

Our Creative Director, Ryan Bousfield brought to life the idea of designing for the future. Ryan encourages thinking about new technologies needing new ideas, understanding the evolution of design patterns, and how we can approach user experience.

View Ryan’s presentation here

If you haven’t failed, you’re not trying hard enough

BBC Click Presenter, Gareth Mitchell, explained that failure happens, and that’s okay. Stick to your business objectives, and learn from the times you fail, as success can grow from the jaws of failure.

View Gareth’s presentation here

Neuromarketing 2020

How much of our decision making do we actually consciously control? This is what Duncan Smith, MD of Mindlab, was exploring as he discussed concept of neuromarketing, and the level to which our emotions power our decisions.

Take a look at Duncan’s presentation here.

What the startup world can teach traditional marketing

The startup world can take an unconventional approach that results in sharp growth, and Growth Hacker, Liam Reynolds took us through what traditional marketers can learn from this. From knowing the right tools to use, to blending disciplines, Liam’s tips provide an innovative approach to digital marketing.

View Liam’s presentation here

Mobile first – The good, the bad, and the future

Our very own Senior Digital Designer, Chris Robinson took to the stage to talk about the importance of mobile first. The key takeaway to keep in mind? Mobile first doesn’t mean mobile only, all platforms must be considered.

View Chris’ presentation here

What you need to do now to get ready for digital marketing in 2020

Head of Futures at Havas Media, Amy Kean, took us through what we need to be doing to get a head start on where digital marketing is going. Some highlights included embracing everyday innovation, understanding user behaviour, and putting emotions first.

View Amy’s presentation here

Finding value out of Big Data

DA’s head of Analytics & Insights, Dr Karandeep Singh, discussed how to make the most of Big Data through a focus on conversion analytics, data analysis, tagging, tracking, and non-converting traffic.

View Karandeep’s presentation here

The Internet of Things

Closing off the DA Uni 2014 was BBC Click Presenter, LJ Rich who shone a light on The Internet of Things. LJ explored a number of areas, including autonomous control, make-it-yourself tech, and databending.

We learnt a lot about the next five years of digital at this year’s DA University. But it wasn’t just from the speakers, the DA team created some impressive demos using new technology such as iBeacons, Google Glass, Oculus Rift, and Controlr, but more on that next week.

Let us know your feedback on the DA University on Twitter, and we’re looking forward to seeing you at #DAU2015!

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