Time to get a boost on Twitter! When was the last time you used paid for promotion using Twitter? Probably not often as Twitter tends to have a shorter lifespan for ads and content. Twitter is switching up the way they promote brands by introducing a flat monthly promotion fee – a reasonable $99 per month. This gives your brand boosted Tweets and a promoted profile so you can get one step closer to being famous on Twitter! The new launch is available in beta to interested testers who register interest. For brands who use Twitter heavily this announcement will hopefully be a positive solution and offer new leads and opportunities. The program focuses on the first 10 Tweets sent each day from your account (meaning you can’t go Tweet crazy and take over the world). Right now the program is focused towards business, but if this goes well you can expect influencers to hop onto the boosted promotion option.
Over the last 11 years we have worked with clients to grow their businesses, in our experience we’ve found social media to be an important tool to any strategy. Why has Twitter made this change? We’ve noticed Twitter has a very quick turnover for content – as many Tweets have only a few hours of life before they are pushed from your feed. For some brands a more cost effective Twitter strategy may sway brands into using it more for social promotion.

Twitter has been offering promotion for quite some time – mostly to boost singular Tweets. This update will allow entire profiles to take center stage and be boosted though the platform. Twitter isn’t the only social media account that offers boosted paid promotions, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube are a few of the leaders in branded PPC and promotion. When you compare how Twitter ads have stacked up against competitors you can clearly see Facebook taking a more cost effective solution and benefiting from that decision.

It may be a few months until we see a full roll out of the new promotion strategy, this could be a game changer for social media marketing.

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