The 2016 Super Bowl is over, but definitely not forgotten it’s time to recap favourite moments from this year’s National American Football League championship game. Millions of people tune in each year, making the game one of the most watched television broadcasts. Thanks to the high viewership and large demographic the commercial breaks have become almost as important as the game itself. High profile companies pull out all the stops to create the most effective marketing for the Super Bowl breaks. We decided it was a perfect time to choose our 10 favourite Super Bowl commercials of all time.


10. Marketing Campaign
Nike- 1992

Not only did this ad feature Michael Jordon showing off his basketball skills but, it also starred the looney-est of tunes, Bugs Bunny. Utilising two beloved characters made this commercial a classic, especially for anyone who loves mild cartoon violence. The love affair even continued past the commercial when the two reunited a few years later for Space Jam.

9. Marketing Campaign
Wendy’s -1984

One advertisement asked the real question… “Where’s the beef?” Besides becoming an instant classic and pop culture phenomenon the commercial did pretty well for Wendy’s.

8. Marketing Campaign
Hyundai Motor America -2016

Although it may be a bit early to call it a classic, Kevin Harts hilarious commercial for Hyundai was a crowd pleaser this year.

7. Marketing Campaign
Pepsi- 1996

Nothing drives business like a bit of friendly competition. Pepsi and Coca Cola have been milking the feud between the two soft drink companies for over 20 years! This 1996 Pepsi commercial took the rivalry to a new level, bringing Coca Cola employees into the mix. Pepsi wanted to make it clear even Coca Cola employees prefer Pepsi to their employer’s brand. Shot from the view of the security camera this ad delivered enough humour to get the point across and make viewers laugh in the process.

6. Marketing Campaign
Budweiser -2000

Oh, dogs in commercials… overused, but still brings in numbers for brands. Budweiser decided to cash in with animal actor, Rex, pulling an Oscar worthy performance.

5. Marketing Campaign
Doritos- 2014

Who doesn’t want a time machine that runs on Doritos?

4. Marketing Campaign
Apple- 1984

This commercial symbolised the beginning of Apple’s takeover of the tech world. Although in 1984 we wouldn’t know how big Apple would become this apocalyptic scene gave a pretty clear indication of where they wanted to be as a company.

3. Marketing Campaign
Snickers- 2010

Nothing says golden commercial like a Golden Girl, Betty White or as she’s better known America’s sweetheart showed off her tackling skills in her Snickers commercial. Besides getting a bit dirty Betty also traded a few insults to create a hilarious commercial. The phrase, “you’re not you when you’re hungry,” became synonymous with the brand even 6 years later Snickers are still cashing in on the success of this campaign.

2. Marketing Campaign
Honda- 2012

Time to crash a parade, hang out in a museum and fake an illness for a well-deserved day off. Before the commercial even premiered buzz for the nostalgic throwback to ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ swarmed the internet teasing a possible reunion of some sort. Fans were happy to find a not so sick Matthew Broderick taking another day off, only this time taking his Honda for a spin. When in doubt remaking a classic 80’s movie spells brand success.

1. Marketing Campaign
Old Spice -2010

The way your man could smell, picture it, you’re sitting in a house watching the Super Bowl when an attractive man offers you a better smelling option. Not only did this entertaining commercial charm male viewers, women also praised the advertisement.  Thanks to the commercial old spice became a viral success and sparked many span off versions of this classic commercial.

Bonus: Worst commercial of 2016
Mountain Dew- 2016

When you think of the aspects of a successful Super Bowl commercial, children and animals score extremely high in ratings. However the idea of combining a puppy, monkey and a baby to form a new creature… may not have been the best idea. This bizarre mash-up of, “Puppymonkeybaby,” is absolutely terrifying.


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