On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a flatscreen with Apple TV? Tech has taken over the gift-giving season; partridge in a pear tree just doesn’t cut it anymore. Here are 10 Tech Christmas Gifts your loved ones will geek out over.

1. Amazon Echo & Amazon Echo Dot
Our top choice is the Amazon Echo, we showcased the Amazon Echo at our DAU16 event a few months ago, before it was available in the UK. Since then the Echo has been the name on every Christmas list, we have been experimenting with ways to use the Echo and Alexa within digital marketing strategies (Watch this space for things to come). For those on a budget this holiday season, the Amazon Echo Dot is the perfect present for a tech lover.

2. Vuze
We explored the fantastic Vuze camera at the VR World Event a few months ago, this 3D 360° Vuze virtual reality camera captures fantastic video and photography in seconds. Although only available through pre-order at the moment the Vuze is perfect for any photographer, videographer or VR fan.

3. Drones
With so many varieties and styles of drones it’s hard pick just one. The Go Pro Karma stands out as a fantastic choice that wont break the bank; we especially love that you can share your flight with friends. As drones become more advanced you can expect big things in the upcoming year.

4. Microsoft Hololens

VR and AR are the clear winners of 2016! The popularity of gaming using VR has increased significantly during 2016 and will be even bigger in 2017. The Microsoft Hololens has been a key player in this years’ surge in popularity. We’ve been busy exploring the ways in which to use Microsoft Hololens within digital strategies and creating innovations around the technology. Perfect for any VR enthusiast the Hololens is a game changer! It’s not for everyone, but if you’re a developer, make sure you get your hands on a Microsoft Hololens. For VR fans check out the more cost efficient Oculus Rift.

5. Google Cardboard

VR can be a bit pricy, but Google have a solution. Use your own cell phone as your personalised VR. Google cardboard is a perfect gift for your friends and family wanting to get involved in the VR craze, but not spend too much in the process- a perfect stocking stuffer. 

6. Apple Watch Series 2
Although we questioned if the Apple Watch Series 2 was worth the hype we still feel it can be a great Christmas present for any Apple fan.

7. Playstation VR

Virtual Reality and gaming has become one of the biggest hits of the last 3 years, offering a more immersive experience for players. As the technology just keeps getting better and video game titles offer more detailed VR options VR has become the must have Christmas gift of the season. Check out the Playstation VR for the gamer on your gift list.

8. Fitbit

New Year, new you! 2017 is the perfect time to kickstart a healthy lifestyle. Fitbit is the most well known name in fitness technology, their monitoring bracelets have made it even easier to track progress and get on the right track to a healthy new year.

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