We love Spotify! Almost any event from a staff birthday, to a news story, to a sunny day will invariably lead to a shared playlist pinging it’s way around the office.So when Spotify announced a brand new Web API allowing developers to access their huge catalog of tracks and integrate with their player – we just had to build something with it.

In the midst of World Cup fever (and Wimbledon, for the cultured amongst us), and with a wide variety of nationalities represented in our office, we decided to create a playlist generator based on rivalry.


Spotifight Screenshot - Brazil vs Germany

Enter any two rival words into SPOTIFIGHT and Spotify will return up to 40 tracks for each. We draw them randomly against each other for a quick popularity contest and let you create a shuffled playlist which launches straight into Spotify for instant playback.

It’s going to be great fun creating playlists for all of our sporting events – but SPOTIFIGHT is an adaptable beast. Why not try political parties, foods, movie stars, historical figures, inanimate objects of your choosing – hell, even bands!


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