This week I had lunch with a “veteran” agency entrepreneur and old friend, Spencer Gallagher.  Spencer and his long time business partner, Peter Hoole have just published a great book called AGENCYNOMICS.

Spencer and Peter, for the last decade, have advised 1000s of agencies on how to develop and implement growth strategies, through their consultancy Cactus.   Before this, Spencer founded and ran Bluhalo – which he sold to Gyro for a tidy sum.   The guy knows his stuff and generously he has decided to share all his knowledge in this great book.

I first became an agency MD in 2001 when I co-founded an agency called Skive which I ran for 11 years.  How I wish I had this book back then!  It’s full of great tips and practical advice on how to run an agency and also how to focus on the stuff like delivering profit and revenue growth, happy clients, committed staff, etc.

Spencer with his new book, AGENCYNOMICS

I asked Spencer what the main motivation was for writing this book.  He said it was because he was fed up of all the false information that many agency leaders put out there in terms of revenue, profit, etc.  He wanted to dispel all the “Agency KPI BS” and give a really honest account of how to efficiently and effectively run a modern, 21st Century agency.

Here is my feedback on the book:

It’s really comprehensive! It covers all aspects of running an agency – vision, values, client types, sales & marketing, etc!

  • It is packed full of great ideas, practical tips, benchmarks and frameworks to use.
  • Lots of interesting personal stories about agency successes and failures.
  • The writing style is really conversational and down-to-earth, which means you can read it very quickly.
  • Overall, I think this book is really inspiring and makes you want to do more and do better as an agency leader.

For me this is a must read, for all agency leaders and future agency leaders.

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