Last week a few members of the team were invited to the launch of an uber-cool magazine celebrating women in all their glory – SHE. magazine. Discover a conversation around periods, body hair and bloody good cocktails.

Last week a few members of the team were invited to the launch of an uber-cool magazine celebrating women in all their glory – SHE. magazine. The evening hosted by editor in chief, Tara Dartnell with her creative crew, saw a soirée of bloody good ‘Let it Bleed’ cocktails, hosted an evening of ‘Let it Bleed’ beetroot cocktails (which were bloody good) alongside an inspirational speech on why SHE. is a force which encourages us to all talk about our fears, secrets and taboos. Moreover, we were honoured by SHE. who played our Tampon Taboo film on loop, as it was rather fitting with the launch of their first issue, ‘Let it Bleed. I spoke to Tara herself to find out exactly why she launched this magazine and how it’s going to make an impact on her audience.

What made you want to launch this magazine?

Over several separate occasions, Alina Neukirch (Head of Design), Aimee Ramos (Creative Director) and myself all spoke about how we wanted to revive our creative-selves, so the idea of working on a magazine was tossed around. Ever since those conversations, it all came into action. We all didn’t know how far this project would take us, and yet here we are launching our first issue.

What is your mission?

What we want is to be honest and shameless. We want to talk about subjects which are difficult to discuss. We want to break the taboos, as not enough people talk about the things that really do matter. Every magazine I pick up are about fashion and celebrities. How we are supposed to be moulded? This is something I’ve never been comfortable with. I want more and that is why I’m launching this magazine.

What kind of magazine will it be? Are there going to be themes associated to each issue?

We are launching a bi-annual magazine – the first issue will be released next month, and the next one will be distributed in October. Each issue will cover one specific theme e.g. the first regarding issues, and the next will be about body hair. We’re aiming to choose themes that are maybe difficult for people to talk about, but SHE. is trying to say that this should not be the case. It should be something to be spoken about, because we deal with it every day. In short, I am sick of reading bullshit, I don’t need that. I want honesty and I want to know what other people experience because it is relatable. And most importantly? We want everyone to feel comfortable within themselves with the natural experiences that happen in their lives.

Whose voices will be heard?

Anyone can speak for us, and it is definitely not regulated to just females either. Even in our first issue, we have a male interviewee. When you read it, you’re going to fall in love with this guy, because he is so open-minded and beautiful. I know it is not always going to be the case, but we are open to everyone. Everyone can contribute, as long as the topics are on point. It is an open-call for everyone to get involved.

Will it be important for you to have SHE. be seen, heard and read by men?

I cannot say I am not a feminist, because I am. I am not the stereotype of feminists, I am an open-minded woman. I am going to tell it how it is, and I am here for equality, and that certainly  doesn’t mean I am going to hate men. I love men and I want men to be involved, to understand how it is. I want them to understand and then feel the need to head towards change. If they can’t understand it, they’re not going to want the change we need in the world and for everyone to be on the same level. If they understand it a little bit more, maybe they will be standing for what we are working towards.

How will the magazine be constructed?

We are not restricted to having just articles, as we want to incorporate a bit of art into it as well as a bit of poetry. We have a lot of illustrations and we have a colour-me-in page! We don’t feel the need to be conventional, or to follow any sort of routine – that’s the beauty of doing your own magazine, you can just be spontaneous and do what you want. If people don’t like it, I don’t care because this person and her experience is amazing, and I want to integrate it in the magazine. That’s the vibe. We just want to support our friends and local people alongside getting names out there that aren’t necessarily getting picked up by major corporations.

And finally, where can people find your magazine?

We are limited to 100 hard copies for the first launch, but it is available online for everyone in the world to access. People can purchase directly through us via PayPal, and we are selling copies at The Vintage Market on Brick Lane at The Old Truman Brewery as well as in Magma. We are also looking to stock in specialty art books and magazine stores.

It’s safe to say that the launch of SHE. marked a day to celebrate three fabulous entrepreneurial women with real purpose and values which we can relate to. Filled with compassion, hope and acceptance, Tara lets us know that this magazine is not just another magazine, it is so much more than what we might see. It is the truth that we may or may not be able to handle.


Don’t forget to check out our mockumentary Tampon Taboo, in aid of ending period poverty with Bloody Good Period.

Photo Credit: Margaux Lange

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