Two things that have interested me throughout my life have been trainers and the web. My interest in trainers roots from growing up around hobbies such as sports, street fashion, music and art. My interest in the web has developed as I have worked with it and started to understand the power and creative aspects that come with it. Working with clients such as Mercedes-Benz and Massey Ferguson I have worked with certain tools that allow users to configure the object they are looking at without leaving the comfort of their own home.

Something that has impressed me for the last few years has been a combination of both trainer design and a configuration tool. This leads me to the very creative and remarkably imaginative trainer configuration tool from Nike, called ‘NikeiD’.

NikeiD allows users to customize trainers to the users own individual tastes. It allows the user to change the colours of everything from lace colour to logo colour and even adding your name onto the tongue or back of your trainers for that extra piece of personalization. The trainers are slightly more expensive than the normal ones off of the shelf but hey…you’re the only ones with them in the world!

If you like trainers then give it a whirl….


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