As someone working in the digital industry, I try to use digital/tech in other areas of my life too.

With my recent wedding being a pretty much traditional affair, I thought this was going to be one area exempt from digital influence, but now that I look back on it – technology played more of a part than I realised!

Here are the top 5 digital ‘wedding helpers’ I couldn’t have done without:


My wedding Pinterest board came in very useful for all sorts of wedding daydreams, bookmarking and ideas. I had to be careful not to share it with hubby-to-be though as it includes an image of what ended up being my actual wedding dress!


Sometimes, you just can’t beat a good old Google Sheet for organising your budget and guestlist. Once I’d got the formulas and vlookups sorted; I was halfway down the aisle already.

Planning Apps

There are SO MANY wedding apps to choose from. I tried a couple;

  1. The Wedding Planner by Guides for Brides – this included a handy checklist and sub-task function which meant I could split out all the chunky tasks into smaller ones. I’d already found most of my suppliers by the time I downloaded this but it’s got a really handy-looking supplier section too.
  2. easypinz for weddings – I mainly used this for setting up my table plan as the functionality was really attractive and easy to use. (A lot of other sites I’d tried were a little clunky and didn’t work well on my tablet).
  3. Countdown timer – there are TONS of these. Mine started with an agonising 253 day wait.

We might even think about creating our own wedding planning app here at DA, especially now that I have inside user knowledge!


This is a touchy subject for some people – at a friend of a friend’s recent wedding there was an ‘absolutely NO pictures of the wedding up on Facebook’ rule. Personally I wanted as many people as possible to post their photos up there! The ‘official’ photography always takes a while to finalise and some of the candid shots capture the spirit of the day much more effectively. (Plus it provided some material for a great friend to put together a really touching YouTube video for us.)

If I’d wanted to have more control over people’s wedding photos, I could have gone down the Instagram hashtag route, or asked people sign up in advance to something like wedpics.


Wedding dress = calorie counting. Fact. Plus it meant that my personal trainer could log on and spy on what I was eating. Sounded a bit ‘Big Brother’ to me but actually the thought of having to explain my actions put me right off that big bag of chips/bar of chocolate/plate of cakes.

So my wedding didn’t turn out to be a digital-free zone after all. If I’d really centred my wedding attention on digital/technology (and didn’t mind blowing the budget) here’s a few more ideas I could have used:

Dessy Bridesmaid Planner

I definitely could have benefitted from a bit of digital delegation using this Bridesmaid planner app!

Augmented reality wedding invitations

Our guests could have used their smartphones to bring our invitations to life.

Slow Mo booth

Forget wedding photo booths, or even video booths. Slow mo booths are the future.

Some say getting married was the most stressful day of their life, but I reckon I’d do it all over again lots of times with the help of technology. (Especially if I get to book lots more Honeymoons online!).

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