After 32 years Microsoft has decided to kill MS Paint.

Microsoft’s next Windows 10 updated, will be full of new features – but nothing will compare to sitting around colouring in squiggly lines when you’re bored. All we can say is you will be missed paint.

Paint has been a staple of Windows since the beginning, making its debut on the first Windows 1.0 in 1985. Perfect for simple photo editing, The beloved image editor, has been a stepping stone for many designers and creators. Even still some creators choose Paint as their preferred editing software over Sketch and Photoshop.

What does this mean for the future?
It’s hard to tell what could come next, popular free editing software Pixlr seems like a possible successor. Or if you’re willing to pay a little – Photoshop and Sketch are the current industry leaders.

What killed it?
The evolution of digital may be to blame. For the last 20 years we have seen a shift from desktop to mobile, and many digital editing programs have adapted along-side to focus on a mobile first solution. Many phones now come with free photo editing software built in, this means less time is spent sitting at a desktop editing. The industry has become focused on instantly getting results and Paint, sadly, hasn’t been adapting. The majority of people using table top photo editing software tend to be a professional or want to use features far beyond what paint offers.

This simple graphics editor isn’t the only Microsoft program getting the axe, we are saying goodbye to Outlook Express, Reader app and Reading list. This is the end of a childhood digital fixture, goodbye MS Paint.
Paint’s successor, Paint 3D, will still be available

Microsoft has announced it will keep MS Paint as a downloadable app, due to the large public response.

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