The most delicious product launch strategy. Some pairings can be questionable – this is definitely one of them.
When you think about fast food the word fashion doesn’t often spring to mind. Following the success of Pizza Hut and KFC’s launch into streetwear, McDonalds has decided to celebrate their partnership with UberEATS by launching a limited edition clothing line. You can now step out in McDonalds themed sliders or snuggle up in a Big Mac onesie. The limited edition line will be available on July 26th for a one day only promotion to celebrate the partnership.

Why is this a good idea?
Partnership is key, McDonalds are offering these clothing items for free, you just have to order your McDonalds through UberEATS (at participating resturants). This is a genius way to get a few extra sales and introduce the partnership with UberEats. This is a great product launch method we have spoken about in the past, the partnership launch. You are able to work with a brand who has an established fanbase to grow your business – although both UberEATS and McDonalds are well known brands the idea of getting McDonalds through an app is still being questioned – this is a great way to introduce new users.

Any seasoned collector can tell you, these items will be snapped up ASAP! Exclusive items like this can fetch quite a pretty penny in the future (think about all the toys you opened in the 80’s/90’s that could be worth a lot of money now.
The collectable clothing will also be making a splash on social media – because who doesn’t want to show off free merch. This then creates a bunch of shareable content for both brands to use for future promotions.

It’s not just McDonalds doing this – KFC and Pizza Hut  have both made a mark in the fashion industry. KFC even have a chicken burger shaped meteorite available for purchase for the very reasonable price of $20,000. If that’s out of your budget they have a full range of items – including a creepy pillow that makes you look like you’re sleeping with Colonel Sanders – no, thanks.

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