We’re delighted that our recently launched MadeforthePeople.com site, a feature-packed microsite for Mercedes-Benz Vans, has been shortlisted by the public on The FWA. Alongside the interactive 3D CGI walkaround and backgrounds, the site also includes the opportunity to compare or configure the M-B Vito range, and the chance to enter a competition to win a new van. The Vito tour section integrates Google maps to make finding and participating as intuitive as possible. Check it out for yourself here.


All sites should be mobile responsive – the layout and content should respond/adapt based on the size of the screen it is presented on. In any case where there is a separate desktop site available – create links to this version of the site.


Utilise social platforms and create awareness as social media is accessed predominantly through mobile devices. Mobile sites should also have social links embedded on all pages due to many smartphone users also being connected to their social networks at all times. This will help increase exposure and search traffic by ensuring content is shared across social networks.

A perfect example of good practice is deeplink.me. ‘With deeplink.me links, you can send your app users right back to the app, to specific product, sale, or content pages. Just like that!’


This is important so users can focus on the most important/popular areas of the site. Vertical menus can be typically easier to navigate when deciding where to go on the site. I have found Bootstrap encapsulates exactly what is required for the perfect navigation:


Mobile users expect websites to load as quickly as possible. Failure to do so will result in loss of customers and business.

– Maximise site speed by using smaller images

– Minimise the number of redirects being used

– Avoid external blocking JavaScript & CSS in above-the-fold content

– Optimise JavaScript execution and render time

A faster site will drive conversion and enhance user experience.


Use web analytics to report on performance, engagement and conversion. Doing this will help refine your target audience and identify areas of improvements. Our analytics approach – MADOC explains more about ‘why analytics’.

To sum up…

Smartphone owners has reached 72% in the UK and statistics suggest that this figure will only continue to grow – eventually overtaking that of desktop in the near future. No matter what industry you may be in, a significant proportion of your audience will be using a mobile device and must be reached, which is why it’s especially important to include mobile web strategy from the offset.


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