London Technology Week was full of amazing tech advances, in robotics, drone pizza deliveries and healthcare optimisation, along with many more amazing innovations.

We had the privilege of attending a panel at Hackney House entitled Brands As Publishers. The session, moderated by Julian Blake (@julianblake) of Digital Agenda, speaking about the shift towards content marketing, and how it has positively impacted businesses. The panel featured Mary Ekkeb Dugan, (@maryedugan) chief marketing officer of WP Engine, Paul Mikhailoff, director of EMEA, Forbes (London) and Scott Wilkinson, head of brand acquisition and digital at Virgin Media Business.


Content marketing has been a big conversation topic for a long time, instead of hoping for leads to magically arrive, businesses are now creating content to bring leads directly to them. This process weeds out customers who have zero interest in your business and replaces it with more qualified leads. Over the last 10 years content publishing has moved incredibly, launching businesses above where they ever dreamed they could be. There were over 1 trillion pictures placed on social media during 2015 (this is expected to double this year.)

A few key takes away from the panel: consumers could care less about the author of the content (i.e. Brand or traditional publisher) it’s more important to have quality content. Rather than pumping out irrelevant pieces brands should create content around their field.

Another interesting point was that Forbes now rewards its reporters on the success of their content, in terms of audience reach. Adopting this content marketing mentality is important to keep businesses connected to their industries. Mobility was another main point from Forbes; over 65% of their traffic is now mobile.

Content marketing is happening with or without you, and it’s best to get started now instead of being left behind. Virgin Media Business puts content marketing at the heart of every campaign they create. They find that content creation is more expensive than traditional marketing, but the ROI is very high making it worth the extra cost. They have seen amazing results using this method starting at a brand awareness of 12% Virgin Media Business has increased to 65% thanks to content marketing. Virgin is also trying this year (for the first time ever) to attribute every click.

The panel was full of amazing insights and captivating speakers. As technology shifts towards content marketing as the go to outlet businesses must be ready to join the party.

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