After an absence of 8 years, the London Motor Show has made a grand return in Battersea Evolution, London. Being car lovers and based in London, it feels like a blessing that this has happened on the hottest day of the year so far! We have produced a number of digital experiences for pop-up shops and trade shows, so it feels only right that we should pay it visit.
It was hard to miss the Mercedes-GP PETRONAS and Top Gear Simulators. Definitely a crowd pleaser at these events, interactive simulators are great entertainment (no doubt the queues will be heaving when the kids arrive tomorrow.) Our goal was to experience as much of the event as we could hoping to see something new, something engaging and a real crowd puller. We did a quick scan of the event to see what digital aspects are being utilised, this is what we found:


Infiniti #BornToChallenge

Inifiniti launched their brand new Q30, to support this they used Augmented Reality to give visitors a chance to explore the car, features and do basic configuration such as colour. Using an iPad Mini with a wireframe drawing of the new vehicle but also had the app available in the Apple App and Google play stores.



Most stands at the London Motor Show had the tradition printed kiosk to display the vehicle features and specifications. Lotus had a small stand with only a couple of vehicles but they used an iPad to display the pdf brochures for their full range.


Nissan #UniteAndExcite

To draw a crowd to the stand, Nissan used a Paralympic wheelchair and challenge people to beat Paralympic hopeful Richard Chiassaros time on a 200m race. Harry took up the challenge, but could only manage 5th place. The stand did draw a crowd but as the race finished the crowd soon dispersed. I guess they weren’t impressed by Harry’s attempt!


Ford had the largest digital presence with an interactive graffiti wall alongside Forza racing on Xbox One’s. Joe took that can, sprayed away on the new Focus and walked away with a printout for his efforts. It makes you wonder why he is a developer and not a designer (he never learnt how to colour in and not pass the lines.)


People attend events like the London Motor show to physically experience the vehicles. They can view them online anywhere in the world, but these events give everyday people the opportunity to get up close to cars they can only dream of owning. They want to look around them and sit inside, in addition to the quick selfie. So is digitals place in the event world about selling the product, or adding value to the brand experience?

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