Inspired by Ed Hawkins’ radar graph for climate change, I set out to find a dataset which I could apply his visualisation to. Having used the Land Registry Price Paid dataset once before, I knew what a rich resource it was. While I am not currently aware of others using the radar graph for housing prices year on year I’m almost certain it will have been done somewhere by someone else. Once I began to play with the dataset however, I realised that there were simply hundreds if not thousands of possible stories and visualisations possible. In order to stick to a tight time schedule I decided to go for an overview of the most important spatial and temporal trends. Below you will find an interactive infographic which will hopefully answer a few questions and raise many many more!


While I have produced a few different ‘cuts’ into this data, I definitely want to revisit this dataset. Perhaps exploring some of the implications of house prices for rising inequality and considering how the two interact.

This infographic was created in Tableau by Thomas Lees, one of the web analysts here at Your Favourite Story. He welcomes any thoughts, recommendations or other datasets which might be interesting to analyse.

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