Interactive digital signage might be the advertising solution you are looking for. Why? Read on!

Vibrant, eye-catching, entertaining and interactive. These are few of the features that digital posters – or point of sale screens – offer and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Digital screens come in all shapes and forms and they can be easily personalised for your business’s needs. The possibilities are endless, from LCD to intelligent POS, from video to touch-screen or even gesture-controlled displays, these boards take advertising to a whole new level. Deploying a high-quality digital signage solution has an undeniable power and huge potential for every business.

So how can a digital screen make your business stand out? Let’s find out!

Increasing Sales with Digital Signage
Digital signage is fast becoming mainstream as it is proved to create significant brand awareness, encourage impulse buys, it is cost effective and good fun as well. Did you know that a visually stimulating display table captures 400% more views than static displays?* This factor is definitely not something you want to miss. No surprise successful companies such as Apple or Nike use this extremely visual digital technology with dynamic content in their stores so often. This exhilarating environment gives the customers the perception of stepping into an exciting, fascinating and ever-changing reality which they want to be a part of. Does your store offer the same experience for your customers?

Enhancing Customer Experience Through Creativity
Innovative and artistic ideas can not only help you enhancing your visibility but also create better customer experience. No wonder these electronic notice boards take over the lead of advertising tools in corporate environments, education, hospitality, healthcare and transportation among others. Thanks to their attention grabbing and interactive nature, digital signature has the highest recall rate of other media such as TV, online ads or social media. Customers tend to spend 30% more time in stores with digital displays, plus they can create a 31.8% upswing in overall sales volume as well.* Targeting your future customers has never been easier. Digital signs can have the capability to dynamically select and play advertisements according to the traits of the audiences in front of them, rather than select and play in a predefined or random order.**

digital signage
interactive digital signage

Managing Content for Digital Signage
At Your Favourite Story, we use different screen sizes, vertical and horizontal displays, and set ups to test and improve the digital presence and customer engagement for our clients. Our advertising screens are connected to and powered by a dedicated touch screen PC which enables a seamless interactive experience for the audience. All the code and assets are uploaded into the PC from where the content can be distributed into various locations real-time and remotely without any hassle. Any future changes and updates can also be controlled from an off-site location making it easy to set up any promotions or campaigns that are only live for a couple of days or even hours. Watch our video here about 1 of the 6 electronic touch screen monitors our team has created with multimedia content for an agricultural exhibition in Germany.

Controlling Content with Gestures
Would you like to introduce something even more fun and immerse? We have stepped up our game and have been working on various gesture controlled digital signage projects to deliver the ultimate interactive experience to our clients. Motion-activated displays allow participants to interact with and navigate through digital content in real-time by using their hand as a cursor with the help of a gesture camera or motion sensor. Since no touch is needed, the content can be controlled from any distance and multiple users can participate at the same time. In addition, various media games can be deployed and used with this high-tech technology to turn shopping a fun experience. McDonald’s and Red Bull cleverly used this tool in their previous campaigns challenging passers-by to complete a game and reward them with a meal or a can of energy drink if they were successful. Thanks to the immersive environment, the unique game-like experience and clever ideas these impacts lead to maximized advertising effect and enhanced brand awareness.

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Check out our video about our Top 5 Tips When Creating Content for Interactive Touch Screen here.

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