Buddy up next time you go live on Instagram!
Instagram announced, starting today they would be testing a collaborative broadcast feature that will allow two friends to broadcast on the same stream. 

The Facebook-owned company has been announcing updated video features to focus on growing their Stories feature and encourage the use of video across the platform. The new feature will split your screen in two, allowing a friend to broadcast alongside you.

Where could this be used?
It will add a new interactive level to interviews, news broadcasts, brand collaborations and just having fun with friends.
As both broadcaster’s audiences will be able to comment, like and interact with the live video this can be used as a positive tool for brands interested in growing an audience. We spoke about the importance of cross-promotion and collaboration when launching a new product and service – to learn more download our free product launch eBook.

As brands have been taking a more active role in adding Stories, this feature could one day be used for paid advertisements. Especially since 250 million people now use stories on a daily basis, it could be a handy tool for brands.

According to Instagram, the feature is being testing by a small percentage of users, and will roll out across the world “in the next few months.”

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