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22 different product launch plans and life cycles

Even the best products fail without a well devised product launch strategy covering every stage of their product life cycle. To help you develop your marketing strategy, download our free ebook:
"How to Launch a Product - 22 different product launch plans and life cycles".

We've compiled and categorized some of the best product launch examples of recent times and produced this handy book to help you uncover how to really launch a product successfully.

Uncover a range of different launch examples from:

  • How Apple built-up a frenzy of fans all ready to purchase pre-launch
  • See a stunning example of how Pepsi used PR to relaunch their re-branding
  • Uncover the strategy of limiting supply
  • 'Drip feeding' by limiting information as the launch unfolds over time
  • For small marketing budgets, learn from Airbnb's approach
  • Or for large budget, you go for it in our 'Big Bucks, Big Bang' launch approach.

Wherever you are in your product launch strategy, make sure your launch is different and most importantly, like the examples in this eBook, to make it successful, make sure it's memorable.

Your Favourite Story are a full-service digital marketing agency and one of a few companies that specialise in devising product launch strategies plus producing and implementing all the assets needed to support a successful launch in market. We have over 12 years' experience launching everything from apps to tractors, fuels to powertools.

Do you want to learn more about how to launch a product? Read our First Time Product Launch Guide, our Guide with Small Budget or our post on how to Manage your Product Launch.

For help and support with your launch no matter what stage you're at - from pre-launch strategy to re-launch - email us at:, or sign-up and come to one of our launch marketing focussed events.


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