Learning anything new can be daunting at the best of times and this is no different when trying to get your head around a new Content Management System (CMS). So to avoid the aimless clicking or the feeling that you might break the whole thing, we’ve come up with a few tips to get over this content hump.

Get stuck in.

There is little point in tip toeing around a CMS if your eventual goal is to be an expert. It may look complicated but despite how confusing a systems interface appears, it is best to dive straight in and start testing out different options. This is where you will start to familiarise yourself with templates, tools, layouts and basic functionalities that your likely to end up using on a regular basis. You are not going to break a website or cause any major destruction that a nervous newbie hasn’t already, so create a test folder (once you figure out how to) and begin your CMS journey.

Set targets.

Once you have started to familiarise yourself with a new system it’s time to improve your skills by setting a daily goal. You may want to build a page from scratch, or give yourself a time limit to design a new module, either way be strict and set targets. Not only will you improve your skills by constantly challenging yourself but you will also be able to monitor your progress, as well as pick out any areas you are struggling in.

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Make use of your resources.

The best way to develop your knowledge of a CMS will differ depending on the system but there are usually extensive guides on how to use the platform. These will either be on their website or forums where you can discuss specific questions. In the future you can use the resources available to you as a reference and hopefully improve your skills along the way. So If you are looking for answers or can’t figure out a specific function, be sure to take advantage of the information at your fingertips.

Think outside the box.

Once you have become comfortable with using a CMS, try to think outside the box as much as possible. Whether you are aiming to deliver a quality product for a client or working on your own website, this will give you the opportunity to try something new and hopefully see the reward. Along with the standard templates, many CMS’s allow you to customise pages with HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. These languages will give you the chance to express some creativity within your CMS and in turn delve into a new set of skills.

Know your Purpose.

Regardless of how simple or complex the CMS your learning is it is important to learn in a way that is relevant to your goal. If you are looking to build a page or update a website you can add to in your own time, then you may not need to sink you head in extensive guides. However, if your using a bespoke system for a specific client, then by all means sink away. In either case, having a clear idea of your aim will allow you to work in a way that is most efficient for your goal.

There’s a few tips to get you started, we hope it helps!

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