Think of your Facebook page as a shop window for your brand. You wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) fill your shop window with your ugliest and lowest selling products or point your customers elsewhere to purchase, so why do it on your Facebook page? Don’t!

“Posting poor content is more damaging to your Facebook page than not posting at all”

Quality Content

Posting for the sake of posting is a pointless, but common practice in the professional social media space. While it may be a good thing to post once or maybe even twice a day (if you have something good to say), a business/brand should never feel pressured to post because of the fear of being forgotten. Posting poor content is more damaging to your Facebook page than not posting at all, and the same rule applies to your other networks.

In addition to your own quality control you should let Facebook help you create engaging posts. By this I don’t mean that Facebook will draft a content calendar for you and action all of your posts, but there are ways you can work with Facebook (and its algorithm) to optimise your output. Example: For the past 18 months Facebook have been pushing all of us to ‘go live’. Whenever Facebook release a new feature the algorithm will be updated and this feature will be supported heavily (by Facebook) meaning increased reach and engagement. When Facebook Live was first released we were all hit with a notification when any of the pages we Like began broadcasting. Sadly, this is no more, but Facebook Live still remains one of the strongest posts a page can publish. In short, use the new tools on offer!

“Facebook hates this”

External Links

Continuing on the topic of Facebook’s algorithm, many brands spend the majority of their posts embedding external links, essentially using Facebook as a vehicle for pointing traffic to their own website. Facebook hates this. Unsurprisingly, Facebook want to keep you watching, reacting, sharing & commenting until the cows come home and pointing out to your website encourages their users to leave – which they don’t like.
Also, it isn’t just Facebook that doesn’t want users to leave, the users themselves don’t necessarily want to leave their news feeds either!

I’m not saying that you can NEVER link externally because sometimes it is unavoidable, but if you do, there are some things you should consider:

  • Can you create a native piece of content for Facebook? Next time you have a blog entry to share ask yourself if you could make a piece of video content or an image instead. By optimising your posts for Facebook you should see increased reach and engagement.
  • Post a piece of native content (whether it be a video, image etc) then include the URL you’d like to point to in the comment of your post. This way you satisfy Facebook’s algorithm somewhat and point to your intended destination.
  • There are a few external bodies that Facebook have granted a higher level of embeddable content; YouTube, Vimeo & Spotify being good examples. Sites like these have been given this power to stop Facebook users from leaving to engage with their content. I’m unsure if the organic reach of these enhanced external links are greater but it undoubtedly makes it easier for users to engage in their news feeds which keeps both users and Facebook happy.

We need to keep our followers AND Facebook happy!

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