The voting has closed. It’s almost time to find out who this years’ Oscar winners are.  All eyes are on the ‘Best Actor,’ category to find out if Leonardo DiCaprio will finally take home the gold.Even the addictive 8-bit game, Red Carpet Rampage, poked fun taking Leo’s race to the Oscars literally.  We decided to have some fun in our office and make predictions for who we think will win at this Sunday’s ceremony. Oscars-Blog_desktop.jpg

(Our choices were made in office, with the highest number of votes winning)

Best picture
And the winner is:

It’s a tie! Two films reigned supreme in the Best Picture category.

The Martian:
Matt Damon gets stranded and a team is sent to save him….. this sounds a bit familiar (Courage Under Fire, Saving Private Ryan, Titan A.E., Syriana, Green Zone, Elysium and Interstellar) this time he’s stuck on Mars.

After being held captive for years, a woman and her 5 year old son adjust to life in the world.

We will have to see if either of these take the prize on Sunday.

Best Director
And the winner is:

Alejandro González Iñárritu
Winning the majority of the votes, The Revenant director is our favourite to win.

Best Actor
And the winner is:

Leonardo DiCaprio
Although competition was stiff, Leo was the clear winner! Last year’s winner Eddie Redmayne and Michael Fassbender both gave amazing performances, we will have to see if the Academy is as generous as the office.

Best Actress
And the winner is:

Brie Larson
she was the clear choice for her devastating performance as a kidnapped mother in Room.

Best Supporting Actor
And the winner is:

Tom Hardy
If our DA predictions are right Tom will be seeing gold this Sunday.

Best Supporting Actress
And the winner is:

Kate Winslet
First Leo, now Kate! It’s a titanic reunion. Kate gave a fantastic performance in the biography about Apple founder Steve Jobs.

Other Major Categories

Costume Design: Mad Max: Fury Road
Cinematography: The Revenant
Animated Feature Film: Inside Out

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