Dave Trott, gave a fantastic speech at our 2015 Digital Annexe University, where he discussed changes in the landscape of creative marketing.

With over 40 years experience in creative marketing, Dave shared a few key things he’s learnt working in the ever changing industry.

Part 1: The Digital Evolution

Starting his career studying at the Pratt Institute in New York, Trott was witness to the evolution of the creative marketing industry. He speaks about the shift to digital media and how it affected advertising and marketing industries.


Part 2: Creating strong advertising

In the second part he highlights the reason businesses should focus on creating advertising that is memorable, rather than pouring money into boring campaigns. ‘The average person living in a city is exposed to over 2,000 advertising messages a day.’

PART 3: Viral Media and the consumer

Trott says every piece of advertisement needs to have these three key factors: Impact, communicate a message and be persuasive.  He also goes into detail on why looking like everyone else isn’t a positive in the marketing and advertising industries.

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