We had a great time learning about growth from our morning speakers, you can read about the morning session Part 1 here and Part 2 here. After the lunch break we were ready for the full afternoon of speakers.
First up was Your Favourite Story’s very own Rachel Faber speaking about digital experiences.

What Was The Last Thing You Touched- Rachel Faber
Rachel Faber of Your Favourite Story spoke about the importance of using touch interactive products to increase engagement. Over the last few years’ businesses have been integrating more interactive engagements into their marketing strategies. The way customers shop and interact has changed and businesses have had to adapt to these changes in behaviour. Brands now must stand out against a sea of competitors from all over the world. 98% respondents participating in an experience are more inclined to buy service. Millennials are leading the way in interactive experience revolution; they are more willing to participate in interactive experiences and because of this have very high quality standards. There are multiple formats to experience interactive technology (VR, AR, even digital quiz) the possibilities for engagement are endless.

The Tech Revolution: Stuff All Marketers Need To Know- Mike McKay

The tech revolution is here!
Our own Mike Mackay explained, “ The stuff marketers need to know,” at this years’ DAU16 event. He focused on the increasing importance of keeping up to date on the newest tech and why brands should be looking into little data as big data becomes irrelevant.

The Internet Of Things
It is currently estimated that there are around 8 Million technological ‘things’ connected and expected to grow to 41 billion in year 2020. Amazon Dash is a great example of a simple idea that does big things. This now allows for the user to purchase everyday items from home without having to leave the house, it enables real time communication with consumers and boosts the engagement level significantly.

Future of Mobile
Mobile has also become a high point in technology for the simple fact it’s with you the majority of your day. Whatsapp handled more than 7 trillion messages in 2014, about 1000 per person on the planet. Mobile gaming saw a surge this year when Pokémon Go took over the world and turning it into your own personal Pokémon hunt. It is one of the first location based AR games. With rumours of Harry Potter becoming the next AR phenomena we can expect to see AR based games taking over. Pokémon Go creators Niantic are now estimated to have a net worth of 9.6 billion dollars. As AR becomes more mainstream businesses have realised there is a viable market and will be reacting according.

Become a Corporate Entrepreneur-Mark Kelly
Mark Kelly from Cranfield School of Management spoke about the 10 Entrepreneurial Ingredients marketers need to know. In the UK alone there are over 5.5 Million SME businesses, but of that number only a few have what it takes to create sustainability. Mark highlighted the areas businesses typically suffer and what they need to do to get results and keep growing. We will be exploring The 10 Entrepreneurial Ingredients more in depth in the future, subscribe to our blog to be notified when this is available.

Personal Growth: Don’t Believe The Hype- Lucy Sheridan

It was finally time to focus on our mental health and keep growing personally as well as within our business life. Lucy Sheridan spoke about personal growth, asking attendees to search within themselves for answers. Personal growth is for people at any stage of their lives, but is often associated with people who don’t have their lives together. To get the best results at work and at home it’s best to ask for help from outside when things get too tough. Personal growth doesn’t mean a total personality and lifestyle reinvention; it can be small steps towards acceptance of who you are as a person – things like going for walks in the evening can improve your mental awareness help you grow.

Business Lessons From Formula 1 – Professor Mark Jenkins

Professor Mark Jenkins educated the audience about the important lessons businesses can learn from Formula 1. Business and racing seem like two very different concepts, but as Mark explains Formula 1 is one of the best examples of teamwork. F1 although driven by a single person is a team sport, as each member is tasked to create the optimal performance on the track. Each member on the team is expected to be constantly learning (adapting to what happens at a moments notice), have clear goals of what they are trying to achieve (knowing what they need to do in order to achieve those goals), and above all have a winning culture in mind.

Learnings & LOLs: Tips on Growing Your Social Audience – David Schneider

To close out the afternoon, actor and comedy writer, David Schneider spoke about his social media content agency, “That Lot” and why more businesses should use humour as a way of engaging with customers. Here are some of his key lessons for growing your social media account.

Keep It Short: Because it is short, it engages people quickly.

Be human: no one wants to be sold stuff, so you need to come across as a human and not a brand. This also means don’t be patronising.

Be Original: Do something that no one else has done, originality is important on social media.

Be Engaging: The best social media accounts engage with its users to create a more personal experience. People like the personal touch – it’s as simple as a retweet or mention.

Use the right social media account for your brand: As there are so many different forms of social media that cater to different audiences, it is important to use the right one to connect with your right audience.

Don’t always use words: Images, videos and GIFs are where it’s at; they are really easy to share.

Snapchat: It’s an incredibly powerful way to keep a constant connection with your audience (particularly a younger audience.)

Be topical: Respond to real time events to be a brand at the forefront of content marketing. This is reactive marketing. Oreo’s Super Bowl blackout ‘Dunk in the Dark’ tweet is an amazing example of this.

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