After a jam packed morning (Part 1 here) and a quick break to explore some interactive experiences including a Hololens, interactive screens and a retro game. It was time to delve deeper into our theme of growth. Up in the late morning session were themes covering;

  • Marginal gains in the history of the high jump
  • How brands can stand out in a hypercompetitive world
  • How brands need to be better at relating with influencers

First up in the day was Your Favourite Story’s very own Dr Phill.

Grow Your Business Using Analytics- Dr. Phill Law
Focusing on a digital first approach, Phill explored the ways in which a company can use analytics to grow their business.

Key areas Phil highlighed are:
1. Who Should Own Analytics? – Traditionally, analytics has been owned by either the tech team, marketing team or finance team. However, they all have shortcomings when it comes to full analysis. Take for example, technical teams. They are capable of integrating analytics tools however they don’t consider the ongoing marketing process and customer journey. Analytics should sit within all three teams.

2. Customer Journey – Using the example of a equal accolade when it comes to a relay race, its important to understand the role that different touchpoints play in a customer journey. It’s only until you undertake a process called Marketing Attribution that you start to give the necessary credit that they play in the role of a sale.

3. Think Small Not Big, And Keep Going – Instances of massive change are few and far between. The companies that build growth are those that take a startup mentality and undertake the process of marginal gains. 

Phill started by explaining the ways improved analytics can offer both long-terms and short-term growth results for businesses of all sizes.
Improving marketing performance – getting better ROI on what you are currently doing 
Brand building – Rich interactive experiences through the use of video and/or animation 
Future proofing – through innovation and latest tech as we’ve seen those that are digital leaders from the competition tend to be more profitable. Having defined measurements and knowing which analytics your industry should be focusing on and creating your strategy.

For businesses interested in growing using analytics we are offering an excusive Analytics Audit to pin point where you can improve in your marketing initiatives.

The Rise and Rise of Content Marketing- Christine Downton
Christine Downton of The Observatory International highlighted growth of content and the ways businesses are using content marketing within their strategies. Recently businesses have been seeing a surge in content marketing; about 25-35% of marketing budgets are now being spent on content and content production and that number is set to keep rising. Most businesses split about 50/50 of their budget between content and traditional forms of advertisement.

There are many different models to use in order to work on content creation, and Christine highlighted 3 types of content that business must produce;

  • Conversion content – Conversion-oriented writing moves audiences and gets them to take action. It turns visitors into leads. Examples include landing page content, product pages.
  • Campaign content – Content intending to excite customers and provide content that is genuinely interesting to them.
  • Publishing content – Evergreen content intending to last and really leverage from an SEO perspective.

Only about 12% of companies are well developed in content marketing but the more frequent a business can be with their content the better results and higher engagement rates.

Understand Persuasion Communication- Dr. Simon Hampton

Dr. Simon Hampton explored how to use persuasive communication to influence the attitudes and emotional attachment within advertising. He spoke about how to use the three magic bullets of advertisement to create a memorable ad piece that gets results.

Magic Bullets:

  • Sentimentality
  • Sensuality
  • Humor

A combination of these three magic bullets, he says should be present in every ad campaign, to evoke an emotional response from potential customers.

3 Ways Digital Technology Has Influenced Branding- Scott Eggertsen, Darren Groucutt & Lawrence Davies

Scott started off by discussing 3 ways that digital technology has changed traditional branding. The theme of the talk was that our job as marketers has got a lot more difficult than ever with consumer expectations being very high and the impact of advertising decreases year on year.

However, the three recommendations were;

  1. Put your customers in control

The last couple of years have seen a rise in on-demand services, infiltrating more and more areas of our life. From food delivery to laundry services, the number of opportunities at our fingertips is vast. Customers want to be in control and the expect brands to work around their lifestyle and not the other way.

  1. Make it relevant

We have more data than ever about customers and the more we can tailor our service to what our customers want, the higher ROI there will be.

  1. Create a narrative

With so much noise, so many messages and so many media formats vying for the customer’s attention, marketers now need to tell a compelling story about their products if they want to be heard.

As an example to show these three principles used, Your Favourite Story’s Creative Director, Darren Groucutt & Lawrence Davies, Brand Manager from DEWALT showcased a case study from the past few months. The Jobsite of the Future was a digital first campaign launching XR FLEXVOLT, a new completely cordless range from DEWALT. The idea was to showcase the vision of a completely cordless jobsite, thus a complete game changer for the industry. See the full case study here:

What Brands Can Learn From Bloggers – Bambino Becky

Finishing the morning session with a one on one chat: What Brands Can Learn From Bloggers.
Becky James of Bambino Becky  highlighted the important lessons when working with influencers. As younger generations find themselves using social media more and more, social influencers have become increasingly important to branded content. Business collaboration isn’t a new concept, but it is becoming more common.

Becky spoke about the importance of finding the right people to work with your brand, instead of looking for a high number of subscribers, readers or viewers you should instead consider someone who feels like they are a part of your potential client base.
She also spoke about the importance of using social media to its full extent and choosing which ones to put the majority of your focus. If you’re finding issues blogging, video is a great way to be more expressive and connect on a different level.

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