So, you’ve got the great product? Now tell people about it! Content production is a key part of your brand strategy, especially if your businesses is hoping to grow and expand their audience. Businesses use content to showcase they are experts within their field by answering important questions their buyers are asking. Many content creators debate whether they should be working on a larger (go big or go home) single piece of content or create smaller series based content to drive traffic. We believe both types of content have pros & cons, but overall are worth the effort to do. But, which one is best for you?

Series based Content
It’s all about the TV effect, you need to know what happens next! Series based content lets your audience know you will have something there and waiting for them when they are ready to view it. Think about how popular Game Of Thrones is, you wait to see what happens next – series content is similar where your audience knows what is coming. It allows them to get familiar with a format, this can be a positive creatively instead of having to worry about what to make next you can instead use the formula and smash it out easily. Who doesn’t want something really easy to film, write and edit. Series based content is a great way to find an audience, you can focus to whatever is relevant at that moment and keep adapting with the times. Also when you find a dedicated audience, they are often much more receptive to new content you may feature or products.

Series formats don’t always catch right away; in some cases, it could be years before you find an audience (if at all). What may seem like a good idea, may not be what your audience responds to or too off brand to work this time. Another downside is that these series based projects require a dedicated team to make sure you keep momentum, it can get a bit mundane to create the same format of content over and over again with very little variation. You can also lose your audience, which is the ultimate catch 22 of creating similar formats of content over and over again, the audience knows what to expect every single time so don’t feel the need to stick around. Some of the brands who do series based content well are Buzzfeed and Vice.  

One Off (Single, Go Big!)
Large content pieces are the anchor of the content world, brands are able to catch large fish using bigger content offerings. It’s less about being done quickly, and more about being done correctly. You can see the difference in quality when you create larger content offerings V.S a much more rushed short piece. These showcase brands as experts and targets towards specialised audiences and content that can be used for months of promotion rather than short durations. These content pieces are done strategically and offer much more substance than the smaller content pieces that can be thrown together within a day. That means they require full research, stats, important data that will show the amount of knowledge your company has on a subject. One upside is these can be spread out, so you’re not tasked with a big project every week and can really go in depth, you can also chip away any unneeded data until you have the perfect product.

Long pieces are just that… long – the argument is between quality and quantity. larger content pieces are high in quality, but based on costs and time spent tend to be used less than the series based content pieces. You can’t fake it till you make it with these, they take a very long time and usually cost a bit more to create than your weekly content. We created a stand-alone video for our Cow on the Roof project, this took a fully supportive team and months of planning before we were ready to begin filming. We had amazing results from our video receiving over 111K views on Facebook and over 330 engagements, but it wasn’t something we could easily make.

Who comes out on top?
It’s hard to compare two things that are so different – both pieces of content should be used for best results. Finding a steady stream of content and pairing it with larger offerings will diversify your brands reach and offer the best growth possibilities. Series based content should be used to sustain users who are already familiar with your brand and continue to build awareness, single pieces are the steak to your dinner – it’s what they come for but series is what they keep coming back for. Mix it up! Both audiences are opportunities to get your businesses name out there. Both have pros and cons, and it really depends on your business’ resources to determine which is best for your strategy. We work with both types of content using our weekly blogs to highlight what’s happening now, while our larger content to tackle the big issues.

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