CES® is back again for its 50th year! The four-day event, taking place in Las Vegas, offers tech giants a chance to premiere new products and start-ups show off their new innovations. One of the largest exhibitions in the tech industry, CES has countless showcases, keynote speakers and one of a kind exhibits you wont want to miss. Check out our coverage from last years CES exhibition. With more than 3,500 exhibiting companies across 24 product categories there is more than enough to be excited about. Here are a few gadgets we can’t wait to get our hands on!

1. Razer – Project Valerie Triple Screen Gaming Computer
Gamers rejoice! Your laptop can now be the perfect gaming computer with all the screen space you could need. The three 17-inch screens and 4K screen display is a game changer – literally. Although no release date or real name has been announced this computer will be in high demand.

2. Intel – VR Headset

Tired of bumping into furniture when VR gaming? Intel has created a VR headset that turns your living room into the set of the game. The “merged reality” headset scans the room to populate it with appropriate surroundings for the game. This will be a game changer for players and the technology can be applied to many different marketing and advertisement scenarios.

3. L’Oreal – Kérastase Hair Coach

Do you need a bit more analytics in your beauty routine? The smart hairbrush will offer users an in depth look into their hair health along with tips to keep it looking and feeling its best. The personalised hair care product will have many interesting features including a microphone that listens to the sound of hair being brushes to identify patters and breakage, an accelerometer and a gyroscope to further analyse brushing patters and offer feedback if it is too vigorous. The tech beauty industry has been growing in recent years and it will be exciting to see this put to work.

4. Samsung – QLED TVs

It’s been a difficult year for Samsung, but the new QLED TVs will hopefully push the brand forward rather than backwards. QLED stands for quantum dot light emitting diode, using different technology than what is used in Samsung’s SUHD TV line the QLED promises better quality and greater efficiency. The screen will also be thinner than ever – perfect for mounting on the wall.

5. Mayfield Robotics – Kuri

Probably the cutest robot you’ll see all year – Kuri is the house robot making a splash. It’s finally getting to a point where house robots will start becoming more common – although maybe not immediately accepted. This playful robot has functionalities similar to Amazon’s Alexa and can be used as a household assistant.


6. Lego –Lego Boost

This is not your average Lego, this interactive Lego Boost kit is programming-oriented – teaching kids the basics of robotics. Connected and controlled through an app, bringing designs to life to keep kids learning. This is the perfect gift for a kids and adults who loves building and want their own interactive Lego. Boost is built around a motorised block called a Move Hub, which controls the animatronics. Not only is this great for playing, but it will open up more doors in education and understanding tech.

CES January 5-8th 2017

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