Last week we attended a great event called “Innovation Stories” run by the Innovation Social Group.  The afternoon event offered a range of speakers talking about examples of Innovation, how to foster Innovation talent and grow your business.

The day was introduced by the Innovation Social founder, Nadya Powell.  Starting the day off with a lively panel discussion on innovation as the new generation of talent are coming into the industry.  The quote I like best was, “willpower and mindset are more important than talent.”

Next was a presentation on the last 10 years of innovation on Twitter’s platform.  My favourite example was the recent Tweeting pigeons on London’s air quality. (We even got a report of our own from the pigeons)

This was followed by a talk about how Boots is approaching digital transformation.  The big take away was that digital transformation is really hard, but especially for big organisations like Boots.

Next was a presenter from last year’s DAU 2015, Tom Ollerton, Innovation Director of We Are Social.  Tom shared his experiences in his first 12 months as an Innovation Director and some of the painful lessons he has learnt in his career.


Following a quick break, we slipped into a different track of presentations focusing on innovation talent.  First up members of Digital Mums, who help connect businesses – in search of hard to find digital talent with mothers – looking to get back into the work place, but on a part-time/freelance basis. Digital Mums, have been clever by solving two problems, with one neat solution.

This was followed by John Ridpath, of Decoded – a digital professional development company. John gave a really smart presentation on The C-Suite and Innovation.


The final two keynote speakers were Jess Williamson from Barclays Accelerator, and Alex Jenkins of Contagious Magazine. Jess spoke about how Barclays have teamed up with Tech Stars to help it innovate in faster, cheaper and in more effective ways.  The best way they have found to do this, is to partner with small Start-Up companies rather than try to it all themselves.

Alex spoke about the dangers of the anti-creativity. Alex spoke eloquently about how in this low-growth economy, creativity was more important than ever before, yet over half of current CEOs of FTSE 100 were ex-CFO.

Therefore, many large organisations were trying to cost cut their way out of the low-growth situation rather use creative marketing to grow their sector.

Overall it was an excellent event and we will be definitely attending the next one.  Well done to all those involved.

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