Nothing but bright, creative futures.
We had the pleasure of attending Blue Sky thinking, talking and DOING evening gathering, hosted by STEAM Co, the sold out event was held in Canary Wharf at the Barclays bank. The night was full of inspirational speakers, educators, and businesses’ gathering together to support creativity.


Steam Co is a charitable initiative that gives children the chance to experience creativity and incorporate it into their school curriculum. With the support of businesses Steam Co days offer hands on experience to bring creativity back into the classroom. Giving the children the ability to merge creativity with technical skills from their core subjects.

After a few refreshments and taking in the stunning view from the 30th floor of the Barclays building, the gathering began. A wide array of speakers attended each urging the support of creativity. Speaker, Lemn Sissay MBE, spoke about the need for children from all backgrounds to be exposed to creativity. Talking about how his own experience growing up and being creative helped him and the children he’s worked with.


Inventor, Dominic Willcox, who spoke at our 2015 DAU, urged the importance of exposing children to all kinds of creativity from painting to coding. After a few short talks, attendees were able to gain some knowledge for themselves at #ATeachMeet gatherings to learn a bit more from contributors.


We believe creativity should be a part of every generation, at Your Favourite Story we use our creativity to find digital solutions for our clients. As younger generations are pushed towards technical futures we want to make sure they are still inspired and creative, always learning and above all else having fun. STEAM Co is a charity we feel very strongly about and hope others are inspired to get involved.

For more information on STEAM Co check out their website.  

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