It wasn’t too long ago that I joined the agency, I was soon thrust in to a meeting with Ludo Bennett-Jones, a young 21 year old man who is circumnavigating the UK with another person in a 16ft two-handed Wayfarer dinghy – all in aid of Sport Relief and The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, while under the guidance of sponsorship from YFS, BT and Gill Clothing.

As time was of the essence two of the team had been previously briefed and managed to prepare some mock-ups and logos for the challenge, but all the hard work was yet to be done. With a short timescale of only 4 working weeks (and a bank holiday weekend to compete with) we were expecting a few late finishes twinned with plenty of coffee and the effects of any mention of sailing or the sea to cause some form of inherent illness.

The idea? We wanted to make a website where people could track every little bit of progress Ludo makes, and update people with active content. How were we delivering this active content? Twitter. Twitter acted as the content management system for this entire site and, using a handy bit of code, we wanted to map these against the exact location he tweets from. To add a little bit of media in to the mix we opted for the use of Instagram, the widely spoken about social photo sharing iOS & android service recently purchased by Facebook, which allowed us to let Ludo add some extra depth to his imagery on his journey.

The site, the build, the designs – they came easily to the team behind it all and the site came together nicely. Along the way we had the pleasure of working closely with the team at Sport Relief and The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust in order to raise the exposure of the entire challenge, as well as working strongly with the team at Yellowbrick Tracking to produce a live tracking map within the website that people could actively watch to see exactly where Ludo is on the planet.

With plenty of work still to be done, on both the part of Ludo and Digital Annexe, there has been over £15,000 raised for charity in a matter of days. As far as the site goes, we will constantly be adding features across the next few weeks to allow you to use the site in better ways and allows you to interact with the challenge.

To know more about the challenge, to track Ludo or to donate, simply head to


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