Out of the office, but still working.

Getting up at the crack of dawn usually means I’m going on holiday, but on this day I was actually driving across London and up the M40 with my colleague Scott to attend the annual Mercedes-Benz Van Experience event.

In some ways, Van Experience is like a mini action-packed holiday as you’re greeted with breakfast, constant refreshments, an impressive lunch and then an afternoon tea. In between all this though, you’re taking part in fun, adrenaline pumping activities involving the Mercedes-Benz Van range, while of course having the chance to relax with an ice-cream from the resident ice-cream van man on site.

As members of the red team our first activity was to drive a Mercedes-Benz Van around a wet skid pan followed by driving a competitor Van. It’s not often a driving instructor tells you to put your foot down more but I happily obeyed the orders! Amazingly the Mercedes-Benz Vito didn’t let me lose control and at no point did we scream in terror as we flew around the skid pan.

Next up we took part in a parking challenge which involved reversing a Vito with a rearview camera and one without. I’m afraid to say I was stereotypically pretty bad at this one! Luckily for us the Adaptive ESP challenge was before lunch as this meant being driven at high speed only to swerve a cone at the last second in order to demonstrate how the Van automatically brakes when it detects erratic steering. There’s video evidence of me alternating between laughing and screaming my head off which was actually shown to the whole event audience at the end of the day – cringe.

Van Experience is a great way to gain a better understanding of why Mercedes-Benz Vans are the best in the market, without having to withstand a long sales pitch. Actually getting behind the wheel myself, as well as having the chance to talk to such a wide range of Mercedes-Benz Van team members, meant I came away from the day with a wealth of knowledge and pride that I work with one of the best superbrands in the world!


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