You may have mastered Facebook, tamed Twitter and conquered Instagram, but are you ready to get snapping? Snapchat has become the go-to marketing platform Millennials can’t get enough of (and businesses are taking notes).   
Snapchat is the photo/video messaging platform that has become a favourite among social media users, in fact, it has been recorded 77% of college students use Snapchat every day (not too shabby).


Communicating through pictures that disappear may not seem immediately interesting, but there are other ways to use the platform in your marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy #1
Go Go Geofilters

If you’re planning on launching a Snapchat marketing campaign you NEED to start with Geofilters. Geofilters are custom images that can be added to video and images. Not only are brands considering this local tactic, but cities are creating their own custom Geofilters to show off their local sights!


Master Of Disguise

If you haven’t puked a few rainbows, you haven’t experienced the fun of Snapchat Lenses. You’ve probably seen all the faceswaps, dog selfies and flower crowns. Snapchat Lenses allows the user a chance to become something else within their snap. Who doesn’t want to be a Panda bear?
Businesses can use the Lenses to draw attention to events, sales, movies and more! Instead of using pop up ads you can now take advantage of the audience using these fun tools.


24 Hour Only Exclusive Offers

Having a sale?
How about you consider using Snapchat as an exclusive spot for a sale code?
Thanks to the 24 hour time limit users won’t be trying to use expired codes. You can target your followers and offer them exclusive perks and inform them of events, new products and even sneak previews (in fact, some fashion lines have used Snapchat for exclusive runway shows).


Perfect Pop-Up Pair

Pop-ups have become all the rage this year with many high profile companies creating store locations avaliable for a limited time. For the best marketing results, consider combining Snapchat into Pop-Up retail social marketing – it seems like a match to me. Users are able to post photos and videos to not only advertise your business location, but the products available in store.


Behind the Scenes

Using Snapchat for business can actually be fun, instead of always informing followers you can give them an extra behind the scenes exclusive into your business. Instead of feeling like a corporation you can show them the people who make the business run, basically the Wizard of Oz effect of looking behind the curtain. You can update with live videos, event coverage, or even guest snappers.

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