With DAU 2016 only a few weeks away; we’ve been busy curating the best minds in digital marketing and social media to speak at this year’s conference. DAU 2016 offers a crash course in digital marketing trends and how to put them to use in your marketing strategy, Notable past speakers include legendary ad man: Dave Trott, YouTube inventor: Colin Furze and inventor: Dominic Willcox.
This year we can expect amazing speeches from keynote speakers, Thimon De Jong, speaking about his work in Strategic Foresight and how businesses can futureproof their strategies and Actor & Comedy Writer, David Schneider, best known for his work on I’m Alan Partridge.


Our theme this year, growth, will be covering many areas of business and personal growth that tend to be overlooked. Personal growth and mental growth is just as important as business growth, being able to work harder and enjoy the work you’re doing, can have a significant effect on how your business thrives.
Growth hacking is all about experimenting across marketing channels to find the most effective and efficient way to grow your business. Some of these strategies will be a bit difficult at first, but continued use and dedication will offer great results in the long run.
Here are 5 Growth Hacking tips to boost your marketing strategy and gain results for your business.

Marketing Strategy #1
Think on and offline

Digital retail has revolutionised the way businesses grow, but it has also added an extra challenge of decreased need for retail store locations. Instead of switching fully to online, businesses should consider using digital to market their physical store as well as online sales POS. Adding a digital element to your location can sometimes be the best push to bring in the missing traffic to a retail location. As a result, today, bricks-and-mortar stores remain a vital element of multichannel shopping. Many retailers at the heart of the resurgence are utilising digital solutions to aid the experience for shoppers, and this covers a number of areas from offering services such as in-store Internet access, geo-located deals, but also using digital technology as a tool for inspiration, education and influence. Shopping is becoming more about the experience and businesses should be ready to accomidate that.

Marketing Strategy #2
Localise Your Marketing

There is nothing wrong with thinking big, especially when it comes to growing your business. It’s a good idea to keep the momentum and continue growing and expanding, but be careful not to forget where you came from. For SME Businesses abandoning your local market to focus on trying to grow to a larger base can sometimes backfire big time and alienate long time customers. Don’t forget your local customers want to feel appreciated and connected just as much as online customers. Offering special in store prices and loyalty cards are simple ways to give back to your clients.

Marketing Strategy #3
Keep Connected

Use social media to be SOCIAL! Creating an account is the first step, but actually using social media to engage is where social media becomes important. Having an online presence isn’t going to do anything for your business if you don’t use it often. If someone is willing to follow your brand – there is a good chance they like your products and wouldn’t mind being involved in social media conversation. Engaging is the best way to figure out what you’re doing well and what you can improve on. Social media is a great place for exclusive giveaways, and promotion codes. You can also use your social media as customer service point of contact, answering questions, promoting new content, showing off products and raising awareness about events.

Marketing Strategy # 4
Optimise Your Website

Focus on your SEO, how do you expect potential clients to find you if you’re not indexing your business correctly. The goal of search engines is to provide users with the most relevant answers to their search. You wouldn’t want to look for cool vacation spots and only find pictures of cats keep your content relevant and marked according. Considering Google represents more than 90% of the market share they are definitely one company you will want to follow the rules with. Using frowned upon strategies can result in lowered page ranking (you definitely don’t want that.)

Marketing Strategy #5
Find Your Social Media Match

Less is more, finding quality social media services that work best for your business offer better results than creating many accounts and never updating them. Posting consistently with content offers and engaging with your audience can make all the difference when it comes to growing your business on and offline. Figuring out which social media services your target clients’ use most and conforming your strategy around those platforms is an easy way to gain more foot traffic. Once you have determined which social platforms feel like a match you should work at mastering the platform so you are comfortable and have a grasp on how to best use it for your needs.

Learn more great Digital Marketing Tips at DAU 2016, take a peek at our agenda here.

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