Get your lightsabres ready!

Star Wars Day is here! Fans of the saga celebrate ‘May the 4th be with you’ and ‘Revenge of the 5th’. George Lucas the mastermind behind the phenomenon released the first film of the saga in 1977, since then generations of dedicated fans have continued to grow and obsess over the universe. To celebrate we have comprised a list of 5 lessons Star Wars can teach you about growing your business online.blog_deathStar.jpg

Marketing strategy #1


The idea of Disney working with the Star Wars universe seemed completely goofy at first, but has been proving to be a match made in Endor. Disney bought Lucasfilm in fall of 2012, acquiring the rights to the Star Wars franchise in the purchase. Disney has always been known for its family friendly image and Star Wars…. Not so much “cough *Princess Leia Gold bikini* cough,” fans wondered if Disney was the dark side we had been warned about. Luckily the partnership has been boasting positive reviews, choosing a partnership can seem scary at first but sometimes it can be the difference. Some of the largest brands in the world have collaborated and created great content thanks to partnerships.

MARKETING strategy #2


Star wars made three huge mistakes in their time, we refer to them as the prequels. Unlike the Original movies the quality was lacking. Focus on creating the best possible product on all aspects of your company. No one wants to work with a confusing or hard to use system, you only frustrate users interested in your products. Choosing easy solutions or quick fixes rather than assessing your needs as a business will only end badly. Focusing on mobility browser, desktop and other viewing platforms. Spending time to create the most user friendly products can help give your business the extra boost it needs.

Marketing strategy # 3

Star Wars was one of the first franchises to cash in on innovative ways of marketing. “Do or do not, there is no try,” Yoda once said. By now you are probably quite versed in Twitter and Facebook, but have you considered giving Snapchat, Pinterest or YouTube a try?
Social media is changing faster than the speed of light, adapting to new marketing streams is a great way to grow business and attract new clients to your webpage. The Star Wars original cast members even took to YouTube to virally promote The Force Awakens. If Harrison Ford can do it you can too.

Marketing strategy #4

One thing George Lucas knew was his audience and what they wanted out of his universe. Although he sometimes would miss the mark (oh Jar Jar Binks) he had a clear understanding of what his fans would enjoy. When it comes to online business you are given many tools to gain a clear understanding of who are using your product or services. Examining your demographic can give a better picture of where you should be marketing your company. Building strong alliances with existing customers will also open the door to new business through referrals and reviews. Understanding your consumers’ needs can only is a great way to gain online traffic.

Marketing strategy #5

The force, being your content and social media partnership!
Updating your website with new content will help boost your web search listings. Taking keywords and phrases into consideration when producing content is a great way to gain more traffic to your website. You can’t forget to utilise your social media force, sharing your content with potential customers you previously may have never reached. Remember Practice makes perfect, Luke wouldn’t have been able to use the force if he didn’t keep working on his growing his Jedi skills. The force will one day be strong with you as well.

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