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You have a variety of options when it comes to launching your products; some launch strategies are designed to spark customer interest quickly while others are aimed to ease customers into a brand or product. Social media has been used as low cost option that has been proven to gain fantastic results, and even make a product and business a household name.

Social media is not only for big brands, but also a perfect place for start-ups to launch a product, it can get a product discovered and used by the masses almost overnight in some cases.  At Your Favourite Story we have experienced every style of product launch, having worked with a variety of clients to create the best possible bespoke strategy. To learn more about how we can help with your product launch contact us here, or check out our article on how digital has changed marketing product launches. Here are 5 reasons social media is important to your product launch and how you can use it to grow your business.

1) Direct Contact to Your Audience

Everyone is on social media, from celebrities, Nans & Granddads, to pets – it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have one or more social accounts. For brands this is great! Your customers are more connected than ever and most are willing to learn and try new products. Unlike print or television ads, social media brings your customers one click away.

Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram each offer advertising opportunities to expand your business reach across a larger number of users. One way other brands are premiering new products is through the use of live video. Facebook live offers brands a chance to live stream events, showcase new items and even throw a launch party inviting the entire social community.

 2) Targeting and Retargeting

Have you ever felt like your ads are reading your mind?

You can thank retargeting! Brands are able to target customers who may be interested in the product based off the users Internet search history. Check out our blog on how to do retargeting badly here.

When it comes to launching your product online having a strong targeting and retargeting strategy can drastically affect your sales and customer reach. Social influencers are another great targeting method; these social media gurus are able to speak to a large number of potential buyers through their social channels and get sales results.

3) Variety Of Location

Location, location, location!
It’s all about where you are; social media puts you right in front of your potential customers for a period of time. Posting often, across multiple platforms will increase your businesses visibility and stay in the mind of customers. The majority of people using social media have more than one social channel and often check them multiple times throughout the day. Your social media strategy should expand to more than one network, as you prepare to launch your product it will be important to create as much buzz as possible to excite interested buyers.


4) Questions and Concerns
You can’t please everyone!

Gone are the days of writing companies about questions and concerns. One of the most frustrating things for a brand is dealing with customer concerns and questions, if handled incorrectly it can damage a customers trust in a brand and detour them from wanting to purchase again. Social media has become a dangerous place for brands as customer can now openly review and complain about products, which can make or break a product launch. You may wonder how are brands combating this? They are fighting fire with fire. Social media has become a great location for brands to answer frequently asked questions or address concerns for a buyer quickly with little backlash. Openly discussing your products and being easily approachable will strengthen brand loyalty and keep your product growing.

5) Establish Brand Voice

Who am I?
Every brand should be asking themselves that question, who are you as a brand? What do you stand for? And most importantly – What are you trying to say?
Some brands have used social media as a place to establish their unique brand voice, this has seen amazing results.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 14.38.49.png
(Photo credit to Twitter and Pizza Hut)

Brands are now able to connect deeper to customers and establish themselves as approachable and friendly. For start-ups preparing to launch a product establishing a social voice is extremely important to move you forward as a brand. Some companies have taken on a more sarcastic tone, while others have friendly banter with competition online.

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