Red Bull? Google? Apple? There’s a new content marketing powerhouse in town; GoPro.

GoPro is single-handedly changing the way people can record all manner of experiences, from the mundane to the truly epic!

There’s no question that GoPro stands alone as a product in terms of technology, quality and usability, but it also taps into something much more than just a sale. GoPro makes use of effective content marketing techniques to help to build the brand into the success that it is today.

1) Brand ethos

‘This is your life. Be a hero’. The ethos of this tag line is a fundamental ingredient to GoPro’s meteoric rise. The brand celebrates user-generated content, allowing consumers to become directors of their very own films. Much like Red Bull, GoPro realises its customers and their experiences best advertise the product. The thousands of videos created by their customers become thousands of adverts for the brand.

2) Social media strategy

Neatly linked to the above, GoPro’s social media strategy is equally impressive. Clocking in at over 2 million subscribers, GoPro’s YouTube channel is a shining example of just how effective the platform can be at building brand identity. The social media guys stick to a carefully measured strategy, perfectly designed to appease its eager subscribers, but not so much to overwhelm them.

Online engagement is an area where GoPro really hits the mark. A large majority of the brand’s consumers are, of course, amateur film-makers, photographers etc., which makes YouTube the ideal social platform to engage on. The GoPro YouTube channel creates a forum to post questions and seek advice, all of which are eagerly answered. This again helps to build the brand into so much more than just a product.

3) Lifestyle

Connecting with its audience’s emotions, interests and needs is arguably GoPro’s ace card. It’s all about adventure, and this is the central theme, or voice, consistent throughout all of the brand’s content strategy. Filming everything from the hair-raising, to the heart-warming, has meant that GoPro has been able to bridge the gap between salesman and consumer and actually identify exactly who and what its audience wants on a deeper level.

4) Competitions

The relationship doesn’t stop there either. As a generous sign of gratitude to its audience, GoPro has been running a ‘Win everything we make’ daily giveaway, as well as ‘video of the day’ competitions. This not only encourages engagement, but also provides a fantastic platform to show off aspiring filmmakers’ skills.

5) Endorsements

GoPro’s uses celebrity ambassadors and endorsements to help spread the brand’s message. GoPro go further than just asking an athlete to wear the logo etc. They recognise the need to use ambassadors whose entire lifestyles align with the brand strategy. Athletes like surfing legend Kelly Slater, Super Cars hero Rick Kelly, and free skier Tucker Perkins, are the ideal spokespeople to target, educate, and inspire, others to capture the most memorable of moments.

GoPro’s methods used to build brand engagements are lessons all companies could learn from. You need to make the brand more than just about a product, and find ways for it to become part of your audience’s lifestyle too.

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