You know nothing! Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but when it comes to content most businesses barely hit the mark.

It may seem like your content marketing strategy is constantly at war especially with so many competitors (houses) trying to win the Iron Throne of Marketing. HBO’s mega hit Game Of Thrones has one of the strongest content marketing strategies. Growing their initial viewership of 2.22 million to more than 8.1 million in just 5 seasons (not too shabby). To celebrate the 7th season coming back, here are 4 GOT inspired content marketing tips to help step up your content marketing Game…. Of Thrones.

Content Marketing Tip #1
Rise to the Social Challenge

Do not underestimate social marketing, during the off season GOT creates large campaigns to continue excitement for the upcoming season (even if it’s still months away.) One very likeable campaign was inspired by the most unliked character in the entire Westeros universe – consider they have over 150 characters in the series that is saying a lot. Joffrey Baratheon set himself apart from other characters on the show, establishing himself as a spoiled, cowardly and arrogant (along with a few other choice words) showing zero remorse for anyone or anything. The social media team hatched up a clever hashtag with a clear message, #RoastJoffrey.
With over 3.2 million followers on Twitter, fans of the show embraced the campaign, loving the chance to poke fun at the king. Although roasting your business isn’t the best idea you can still find ways to engage with your audience, it can be as simple as retweeting.

Content Marketing Tip #2
Focus on Creating Value

One reason Game of Thrones is so successful is because it’s a fantastic product. The skilled team of actors, directors, editors as well as countless other departments make the show instantly exciting to watch. Creating a strong piece of content can give your clients the value they look for from a business. Cersei Lannister may have said it best, “When you play the Game Of Thrones, you win or you die,” when it comes to content creation it’s the same thing (well you won’t literally die) but your strategy might. Your customer experience should always be in the front of your mind, looking for the issues each of them are having and creating content to solve them is a great option. You should always be looking for the next thing, adding the newest – and most relevant type of content for your readers is key.

Content Marketing Tip #3
Don’t Overdo It

One problem GOT faced during their first few seasons was promising one thing early into their series they weren’t fully ready to deliver… Dragons! Although Fans of the show were entertained they kept bringing up that one missing detail fully grown dragons.
Mother of Dragons herself, Daenerys Targaryen, even started to ask “Where are my Dragons?”
Promising customers something and failing to deliver is a big content marketing no-no. Make sure when you’re ready to push a new product it’s fully ready, if you promise something great make sure to deliver. This is often a problem when launching a new product or service, if you find your product isn’t fully ready to go to market you should consider holding off – or at least make sure it’s worth it when it does arrive (just like GOT)

Content Marketing Tip #4
Don’t Murder Your Content

Although, GOT is known for its great story lines, fantastic acting and complex family…. Situations (Looking at you Lannisters) it may be best known for killing off everyone and everything you become attached to. Chances are if you have a favourite character they will be murdered or at least written off for a few seasons. When it comes to your content, you should probably not follow GOT’s example. Sharing, nurturing and building your content is the best way to see results from your content strategy.

Content Marketing Tip #5
Don’t be afraid to go to the source

Get where your customers are and get to know what they want! For promotion of season 7 of Game Of Thrones, the marketing team unleashed White Walkers around London. Not only did this remind people to watch the new series, but it made for a great photo opportunity. You should go where your customers are and get a feel for the content and issues they face every day. This can help you develop content that is relevant and interesting to the people you want to engage with.

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