Everyone is on social media, but are they using it correctly?  
Businesses are guilty of often falling flat when it comes to social media. Most tend to feel a bit like a fish out of water posting content for the sake of posting it.Never fear, we have put together our 10 best social media practices designed to help grow your business and get results from your social media strategy.  

Marketing Strategy #1 
Be Social

This should be common sense but if your not interacting on social media, you are missing the point completely.  
If someone has taken the time to follow you the least you can do is interact! Engage with people talking about your products, liking and reblogging is a simple and effective way to show you are interested in what your followers are saying.  

Marketing Strategy #2 
Set Your Social Tone Of Voice

What does your brand sound like? Determining your social media voice is key when developing a social media strategy. Your social media accounts should be an extension of your customer service desk; it should feel very human and approachable. Keep to related topics and keep it light and friendly.  

Marketing Strategy #3 
Trends Are Your Friend

Looking at trends on social media and writing posts linked can help gain social interactions. Posting about local events, news and even television is an easy way to interact with your audience. After all everyone has seen at least one episode of Game Of Thrones and has an opinion. Most social media users don’t want to feel like they are being sold to.  

Marketing Strategy #4 
Short and Sweet

Keep your posts short! You don’t want to overload readers with too much information (that’s what a blog is for.) Your social accounts should be easy to read and above all else entertaining.  

Marketing Strategy #5 
Take Lessons from Comedians

When you create your tone of voice, consider what you like to read on social media. The most shared content on Twitter and Facebook usually comes from comedy writers. People use social media as a form of entertainment rather than a sales location. Thinking like a comedian doesn’t mean you have to crack jokes, but you should keep your brand tone light and engaging.  

Marketing Strategy #6 
The Good, The Bad and the… Ugly

Not all feedback will be good, take the time to respond and offer as much assistance as possible. You know you can’t please everyone (and usually the angry customers are the ones taking to social media.) 
Don’t get defensive, use your social media as a way to solve the problem or if you’re unable to, put the user in contact with a customer service representative who can. Respond to the positive posts as well, it’s as simple as saying “Thanks for enjoying our product.” 

Marketing Strategy #7 
VIP Treatment

Social media based incentives can really help boost your sales. After all who doesn’t want a little VIP treatment. Offering followers exclusive deals, shopping events or discount codes can increase leads and create lifelong product users.  

Marketing Strategy #8 
Share but don’t Over-share

There is a big difference between sharing and over-sharing, understanding the line is key. Posting a healthy amount on each social platform is vital for a strong social media strategy. You should never overload your social pages by posting every few seconds. Keep a bit of distance between Tweets (1-3 hours) unless you are replying to users. Facebook should be sharing relevant content and showcasing new product lines daily if possible. Instagram should be daily, showing off your products visually.  

Marketing Strategy #9 

Keep visual! Show off products using images and video. Users are more likely to engage with a brand that shows off their products. You wouldn’t buy a house without seeing a picture! Users want to see what you have to offer, so showcase it beautifully. YouTube is a great spot to show off key details about a product. Offering informative how to’s and product guides is great option when using video.  

Marketing Strategy #10 
Cross Marketing

Promote your other social channels on social media! Cross promotion can give you great social results. Some users are more familiar with other social media websites. Advertising that you have multiple pages can boost your followers or at least put your products on a users most used social platform.  
Adding a video to Facebook or Twitter posts can really add to the customer engagement.


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